Title mrs перевод - Title: Mr, Mrs, Miss, other title перевод - Title: Mr, Mrs, Miss, other title русский как сказать

MRM MRO- maintenance, repair, overhaul Mrocza MRP mrs Mrs mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle MRSA MRT MRT contract MRT- mandatory retired time MRTD MRV. Usually indicates the subject is married. Traditionally reserved for married individuals and used with the married surname.

Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms.

Mrs перевод с английского на русский: кембриджский словарь

Mrs plural Mmes , rare. Подобные фразы в словаре английский русский. Goodbar В поисках мистера Гудбара. Mr г-н, господин, мистер. MR Лопасти НВ, координаты по карте, коэффициент состоявшихся заседаний, мистер. MR blades Лопасти НВ. MR Brake Тормоз НВ. MR Hub Втулка НВ.

Перевод "title mr mrs" на русский

MR Slip Ring Токосъемник НВ. Bridge Мистер и миссис Бридж. Saturday Night Мистер субботний вечер. Parker and the Vicious Circle Миссис Паркер и порочный круг. The Death of Mr. Lazarescu Смерть господина Лазареску. Ripley Талантливый мистер Рипли. BOSSUYT said that the Convention was already incorporated into national legislation. LINDGREN ALVES said that the suggestions made by the Chairman were all good ideas, but the Committee needed to take account of budgetary realities.

Of course everybody was in favour of a session in New York, but how much would it actually cost? Garang has left us, as have many other great leaders. Ould Abdallah, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, for his comprehensive briefing. Taylor also said that the DPA office in Hanoi received numerous phone calls from Security officials warning him against making contact with Thich Quang Do.

Kofi Annan for his assured leadership of this Organization, as well as to the staff of the United Nations for their tireless contribution to the quest for peace. Robert Hodgkinson, Executive Director, Technical- ICAEW. Nuri Kamel Al-Maliki, Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq, was escorted to the rostrum.

Abulhasan Kuwait spoke in Arabic: At the outset, I should like to extend to you, Sir, our thanks and appreciation for your positive response to the request of the Arab Group to convene this meeting to discuss the deteriorating situation of our Palestinian brothers in the occupied Palestinian territories. Essop Pahad, Minister in the Office of the President of the Republic of South Africa, addressed the Conference. Fox Australia said that his delegation also fully supported the work of the Institute.

Levitte France spoke in French: As each day passes, the Middle East is drawn deeper and deeper into a tragic cycle of violence, terrorism and destruction, the victims of which are the civilian Palestinian and Israeli populations.

Найдено предложения с фразой Mrs. Найдено за мс. Накопители переводов создаются человеком, но выравниваются с помощью компьютера, что может вызвать ошибки. Они приходят из многих источников и не проверяются.